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Super School Series

Recently, Grammy-nominated, Philly native, Meek Mill tweeted, calling for the creation of “super schools’. If done properly this will be a powerful catalyst for the change we seek. This got us thinking at Black on Black Education about what practices and curriculum would need to be in place at a community-built “super” school. In this 4-part series, BoBE along with educators and experts explore what a “super” school would look like. 

Anti-Racism Series

This 14-part series of collaborative critical discussions are designed to open the heads and hearts of all who would like to better understand the legacy of inequality in our country and who are ready to take action to create real & lasting CHANGE NOW! Claiming to not be racist is not enough in discussions of race. Anti-racism, or the works of actively opposing racism by advocating for changes in political, economic, and social life, creates the necessary systemic change required to address racial inequality in the United States. 

Social Emotional Learning Webinar

Social & Emotional Learning is an imperative part of education that gets lost far too often in far too many schools for far too many people. Black on Black Education aims to change that and we begin the process via this workshop with some incredible leaders in the space.

Critical Self-Care In a pandemic

BoBE, in collaboration with Restore More, hosted a Critical Self-Care in a Pandemic Webinar. With this replay, you get an interactive handout for the session, a Critical Self-Care Assessment, a Thriving Educator’s Checklist and a Trigger Tracker– all the tools needed to recharge and set up for success!