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There are multiple ways you can get involved with BOBE!

You can donate to our organization.


Apply to the Teacher Action Board

The BOBE Teacher Action Board is a collaborative space committed to equity and dedicated to supporting folks in education. We strive to 1) connect with others and combat personal burnout, 2) amplify the individual and collective perspectives of educators, and 3) provide BOBE with the information we need to be responsive to the needs of everyday teachers.

Donation is a great way to support the BOBE community. Your contribution will help create significant changes and progress in our society.

Donate to Support Us

We should be allowed to be who we really are. People need to tolerate different cultures and backgrounds! Donate to stop the obvious oppression to reach a common understanding.
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We Must Speak to Be Heard

Every summer people of every gender, religion and color gather on the streets for a celebration of love, equality, humanity and joy.

If the theory of Black on Black crime is going to exist, then there can certainly be Black on Black education, in fact, there is a tradition of Black on Black education in the Black community that is much stronger and much longer than Black on Black crime. We named our business Black on Black Education to honor the tradition of collectivist communities passing down their knowledge, skills, and traditions.

We host events, conferences, and have a weekly podcast. Please reach out using our contact form to discuss potential partnerships.

The Black on Black Education podcast is streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, and more.

We do not, nor would we ever, discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, physical or mental disability, age, or any other identity marker. We are committed to uplifting the voices of Black and Brown Educators in support of Black and Brown students but understand that allies and co-conspirators are an integral part of the path toward Educational equity. 

That’s the long way of saying all non-Black folks who are committed or want to commit to education equity are invited to listen to our podcast, attend our conferences, sign up for our email list, and tap into our conversations about how to make the system what our students need and deserve.

Hey educator, we can’t wait to meet you. Getting involved is pretty easy, join our Teacher Action Board, request a podcast interview, fill out our partnerships request form, tell us about your experiences in education, sign up for our newsletter or just tap in and follow us on social media. However you’d like to get involved we’d love to meet, learn, and engage with you, so tap in!

Hey student, we are so excited that you found us! We believe students will lead the way to create the education system that best serves them so, we want to learn more about your experiences in education, please fill out our survey! You can also join out waitlist for student voice and choice night speakers. We start the Black on Black Education Conference with a student-led panel and we need leaders like you to share your voices and lead the way toward change.

Have another question? Contact us here and we will back to you between 24-48 hours with the best answer we got!